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Frankie Montas: The Perfect Addition to the Cardinals’ Pitching Staff in 2024

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Cardinals Eyeing Pitching Upgrades in Upcoming Off-Season

Frankie Montas Emerges as Potential Addition to Rotation

St. Louis, MO – In a recent interview with the St. Louis media, Cardinals’ President of Baseball Operations, John Mozeliak, emphasized the team’s focus on pitching as they head into the upcoming off-season. With the goal of bolstering their rotation, the Cardinals are expected to aggressively pursue top-tier starters. Among the names on their radar are Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto, postseason ace Aaron Nola, and potential Cy Young award winner Blake Snell.

However, the Cardinals also have their sights set on a one-year bounce-back candidate to complement their pitching staff. Enter Frankie Montas, a player with a prior history in Cardinals trade talks and a potential ideal fit for the team.

Montas made headlines in 2022 when he was heavily linked to the Cardinals during trade discussions with the Oakland Athletics. Ultimately, the Cardinals opted for Jordan Montgomery at the trade deadline, leaving Montas to join the New York Yankees. Unfortunately, Montas struggled with injuries during his time in the Bronx, making him a subject of criticism for failed investments by the Yankees.

Despite his injury-prone reputation, Montas presents an intriguing opportunity for the Cardinals. Projected to earn $13 million in 2024, the Cardinals could structure a one-year deal with incentive-based compensation to meet tax luxury thresholds. Comparatively, the Cardinals paid Adam Wainwright $18 million in 2023, proving that investing in injury-prone players can yield positive results.

While it has been some time since Montas has taken the mound, his track record speaks for itself. With a career 162-game average of a 3.90 ERA, 176 innings pitched, 182 strikeouts, and 58 walks, Montas would undoubtedly strengthen the Cardinals’ rotation. Advanced analytics from Baseball Savant also highlight Montas’ strengths, with impressive metrics in xERA, Chase%, Whiff%, Barrel%, and GB%.

The Cardinals’ primary focus this off-season is to secure the services of Yamamoto, Snell, or Nola, while also exploring trade options for additional pitching depth. The team aims to establish a reliable top half of the rotation to avoid a repeat of the 2023 season. Recognizing the limitations of relying on depth pieces like Dakota Hudson or Jake Woodford, the Cardinals are committed to addressing the back end of their rotation as well.

With pitching investments expected to shape the team’s budget for the upcoming season, the Cardinals are wise to consider reclamation projects like Montas. His skillset and pitching style align well with the needs of the St. Louis staff, making him a logical addition to the team.

As the off-season approaches, Cardinals fans eagerly await Mozeliak’s actions to back up his pitching-focused strategy. Will the team secure the desired starters and take a chance on Montas? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – the Cardinals are determined to strengthen their pitching staff and compete at the highest level in the upcoming season.

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