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Former Tigers Outfielder Nick Castellanos Could Be on the Trade Market: Insider Report

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Rumors Swirl Around Former Tigers Outfielder Nick Castellanos

As the offseason approaches, speculation is mounting about the potential trade of former Tigers outfielder Nick Castellanos. According to MLB.com’s Mark Feinsand, the Philadelphia Phillies are open to the idea of trading Castellanos in an effort to shed his hefty contract and find a more affordable replacement.

A Costly Contract

Castellanos is still owed a staggering $60 million over the next three years, equating to $20 million per year. Given the history of Tigers owner Chris Ilitch’s reluctance to take on such high-priced contracts, the odds of a reunion between Castellanos and Detroit seem slim.

A Change of Heart?

It’s worth noting that Castellanos had expressed dissatisfaction with Comerica Park’s old dimensions during his time in Detroit, leading to speculation that he wanted to move on. However, with the recent changes to the ballpark’s dimensions, there is a possibility that Castellanos may reconsider his stance.

A Clash of Styles

Castellanos’ playing style may not align with the Tigers’ current strategy of dominating the strike zone. Known for his free-swinging approach, Castellanos tends to chase pitches, resulting in a low walk rate. However, his ability to capitalize on mistake pitches cannot be overlooked, as evidenced by his impressive rebound in 2023 with 29 home runs and a 109 wRC+.

A Welcome Addition

Despite the potential drawbacks, many Tigers fans would welcome Castellanos back to Detroit. As a veteran power hitter, his presence in the lineup could provide a much-needed offensive boost. While his defensive contributions may be limited, his bat alone would make him a valuable asset, potentially filling the designated hitter role if necessary.

An Unlikely Reunion

Despite the allure of a Castellanos comeback, it appears unlikely to materialize. The Tigers organization believes they are not in a position to pursue such a move and will instead focus on optimizing their roster with players who align better with their current strategy.

While the idea of bringing Castellanos back to Detroit is enticing, the reality of the situation suggests that it may remain nothing more than a rumor.

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