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Former Patriots Cornerback Jack Jones Finds Redemption with the Raiders

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Cornerback Jack Jones‌ Finds New Home with the Raiders

Former Patriot Excited for Fresh Start

Cornerback Jack Jones was⁤ left disappointed earlier this week when the New England Patriots waived him. However, his spirits⁢ were quickly lifted when the Las ‍Vegas Raiders claimed him off⁣ waivers.

Raiders interim coach Antonio Pierce, who ​previously coached Jones in high school at Long Beach Poly and‍ in college at Arizona State, played a significant role in the cornerback’s decision to join the team.

“It stung‍ for sure,” Jones expressed⁤ on Wednesday ‍after his ⁢first ‍practice with the Raiders,⁢ according ⁤to Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “That was the⁢ team that drafted me. Your mindset ​is that you’re going to spend the first four years there. Unfortunately, ‌that didn’t happen.

“But this is ⁣a blessing. I’m not going to lie. I feel like everything happened for a reason, and I’m happy to be here, blessed to be here, and ready to get to work.”

Jones, a fourth-round selection ​by the New England ​Patriots in 2022, chose not to delve ​into‌ the specifics of his⁤ departure from the team.

During his previous season, ⁤Jones showcased‍ his skills with two interceptions, six passes defensed, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. Despite starting the‍ season​ on injured reserve⁣ with a⁣ hamstring injury, he managed to make an impact​ in four games for ⁢the Patriots this season, recording one pass defensed.

“I would‌ say it just wasn’t​ the best fit,” Jones ⁤explained. “I​ can’t speak too‍ much about it ⁤because I’m not‍ on the⁢ coaching staff. It just wasn’t‌ the ​best fit.

“I still have some fire behind me. I kind of feel like I have something to prove without ‌going out of my way to try to ​prove it. I just want ‌to show ‍everybody that I’m a‍ talented player ‍and not someone you‍ can⁤ easily dismiss. I’m not saying⁤ that ⁤was the case ⁤with the Patriots. ​Whatever happened, it⁣ just didn’t ⁢work out. That’s why I ended up here. I just ⁢want to ⁢demonstrate ​to⁣ everyone‍ that I’m a ⁤skilled ‍player.”

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