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Former Celtics Guard Marcus Smart Opens Up About Tough Transition to Memphis Grizzlies

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Fans of the Boston Celtics Reminisce on Marcus Smart’s Trade to Memphis Grizzlies

Former Celtics Guard Struggles to Adapt to New Team

Boston Celtics fans who have a soft spot for former Celtics guard Marcus Smart can’t help but feel a twinge of remorse as they witness their favorite team excel after Smart’s trade to the struggling Memphis Grizzlies. Smart, a Flower Mound native, recently opened up about his transition in an interview with Sportskeeda’s Mark Meding.

“It’s been hard, especially when you’re not used to losing and with this team,” said Smart. “Last year, they were the No. 2 seed and were used to winning. There weren’t many games that they lost.”

Smart, an OSU alum, suggested that it’s important to understand that it’s okay to lose and still find joy and happiness in the game. He remains optimistic about the Grizzlies’ ability to have fun and play well, even when things aren’t going their way.

When asked how he copes with the losses until the right mindset settles in, Smart’s response was characteristic of his approach: “Control what you can control.”

“Coming in, we knew we would be at a little bit of a disadvantage,” said Smart. “Then things started spiraling for us.”

“That’s life. It’s never going to be perfect. Things happen. You just have to figure it out and find a way. For us, there are going to be ups and there are going to be downs. We can’t get too high and we can’t get too low on them.”

Smart emphasized the importance of focusing on what they can control and working with the resources they have. His time in Boston has clearly left a lasting mark on how he perceives the game.

Alternatively, it could be argued that Smart’s imprint on the Celtics still guides them even in his absence.

Although this season may be challenging for the Grizzlies, Smart’s influence on the team’s roster is expected to push them in a positive direction once again.

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