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Finding the Next R.C. Slocum: The Two-Man Race for Texas A&M’s Next Head Coach

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Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross ⁢Bjork Seeks Next Championship-Winning Coach

Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork posed a thought-provoking ‌question during his press conference on‌ Sunday: ​”Can we find the‍ next R.C. Slocum who can be here for a long time and win championships?” As the Aggies move forward following the firing of Jimbo ‌Fisher, Bjork emphasized ⁢the importance of consistency in their next coaching hire.

Two-Man Race for the⁣ Texas A&M Coaching Position

If the Aggies are serious about their goal, the search for the next head coach narrows down to two strong candidates: UTSA’s⁣ Jeff Traylor and‍ Duke’s Mike Elko. While Detroit Lions head coach and Texas A&M alum Dan Campbell could also fit ⁤the bill, the demanding year-round recruiting requirements of college football may ⁤deter many NFL coaches from making the switch.

Traylor,​ a former East Texas high school coach, has demonstrated remarkable consistency in his coaching career. With two conference ​titles ​in three seasons, a stellar conference record, and an impressive away record, ⁢Traylor has transformed UTSA’s football program into a force to be reckoned with.

Elko, on the other hand, brings a wealth of experience and familiarity with Texas A&M. Having ‌previously served as the team’s‍ defensive coordinator, Elko’s recent success as the head coach of ⁢Duke, including a ‌victory over Clemson, makes ⁣him a strong contender.‍ His defensive expertise and ability to ⁢build a‍ cohesive roster could ensure the Aggies’ competitiveness in the upcoming seasons.

Timing and Considerations

The timing of Fisher’s termination is crucial‍ in the search for a new coach. While Oregon’s Dan Lanning and Washington’s Kalen DeBoer are also potential ⁣targets, firing a coach early in the season suggests ‍that⁢ Texas A&M aims to secure a replacement sooner rather than later.⁢ This approach allows the Aggies to have a ‍head start in the coaching market.

Other potential candidates, such as Kansas’ Lance Leipold and Kansas State’s Chris Klieman, possess excellent coaching abilities but lack the Texas ​A&M or Lone Star State ties that Traylor, Elko, or Slocum have. High-profile names like ⁤Urban Meyer and Deion Sanders may be enticing, but they remain more of a fantasy than realistic options.

Building a Championship-Caliber⁤ Program

Bjork ‌emphasized the need for a ​coach who​ possesses a range of qualities, including​ program identity, player development skills, commitment to academics, and ​a passion for the game. Both Elko and Traylor embody these characteristics, making them ideal choices for the Aggies.

With⁢ a ‌roster ranked among‌ the ⁤top five most talented in ​the nation, Texas A&M has the resources and recruiting ​advantages to compete with any program. Fisher’s ‌tenure demonstrated the Aggies’ ability ‍to build a roster capable of cont

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