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Finding a Replacement: Top Third Basemen Options for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2023 Free Agent Class

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The Milwaukee Brewers Seek a Replacement for Departed Third Baseman Josh Donaldson

The Milwaukee Brewers bid farewell to third baseman Josh Donaldson this offseason, as he departed for free agency after a brief stint at American Family Field. While opinions on Donaldson may vary due to his controversial reputation, he did contribute positively to the Brewers during the latter part of their season.

However, the departure of Donaldson leaves the Brewers without a reliable third baseman. Brian Anderson, although technically a free agent, was released by the organization in early October. Andruw Monasterio split his time between third and second base this season, and it’s worth noting that Mike Brosseau, who served as the Brewers’ Opening Day third baseman in 2023, is no longer with the team.

A Gaping Hole at Third Base

The Brewers now face a significant void at the third base position. The 2023 free agent class is notably lacking in quality position players, but there are still several top options available for third basemen. The affordability of these options will depend on the Brewers’ budget for the upcoming season. Here are three players the Brewers should strongly consider signing.

Gio Urshela: A Dependable and Underrated Choice

Gio Urshela has consistently proven himself as a solid defensive third baseman and a valuable contributor to the middle lineup. Over his eight-year career in MLB, he has maintained a .277 batting average and a career 6.3 fWAR. Despite his impressive numbers, Urshela remains somewhat underrated in the eyes of many. His three seasons with the New York Yankees from 2019 to 2021 earned him a loyal following, thanks to his postseason heroics and well-timed hot streaks.

In his one-year stint with the Minnesota Twins in 2022, Urshela showcased his best fWAR since 2019 and recorded a slash line of .285/.338/.429. Prior to a pelvis fracture this year, he posted a batting line of .299/.329/.374 as the everyday shortstop for the Los Angeles Angels. While he may not be a superstar and his slugging numbers may not be perfect, Urshela is undoubtedly a dependable and adaptable infielder who excels at making contact. Additionally, he is one of the more affordable options among the top available third basemen, with MLB Trade Rumors estimating a two-year contract worth million. If he can maintain his health, Urshela could prove to be a valuable addition to the Brewers.

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