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Dillon Brooks: Playing Efficient Basketball in Houston and Leaving Behind Memphis Drama

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Dillon Brooks Thriving in Houston, Leaving Memphis Drama Behind

Brooks’ Efficient Performance Boosts Houston’s Success

Dillon Brooks is off to a remarkable start this season in Houston, showcasing the most efficient and arguably the best basketball of his career. The talented player has adopted a more selective approach, taking fewer shots per game (4.9 fewer to be exact, or six fewer per 36 minutes), while significantly improving his shooting percentages. Brooks is currently shooting an impressive 53.3% on 3-pointers and 56.3% inside the arc, a significant improvement from his 45.1% on two-pointers last year. Additionally, he continues to excel as an elite point-of-attack defender, making him an integral part of Houston’s early-season success, with a record of 6-3.

Brooks’ Departure from Memphis

Despite his outstanding performance, the narrative surrounding Dillon Brooks has yet to catch up with his on-court achievements. The focus often remains on his controversial exit from Memphis, where team executives reportedly expressed their unwillingness to have him back under any circumstances. In an interview with Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, Brooks expressed his discontent with leaving Memphis but made it clear that he does not apologize for any of the events that transpired.

“It wasn’t what I wanted,” Brooks stated. “The whole season was not what I wanted. I feel like we did better when I was a focal point in that organization. They chose a different route. But I’m happy that through all the challenges, I was able to achieve what I always deserved.”

“What I didn’t appreciate about Memphis was that they allowed the situation to escalate, making me the scapegoat of it all,” Brooks added. “They would approach me privately, man to man, and say something, but when everything unfolded, they failed to defend me.”

It is worth delving into the full story, as it provides a nuanced perspective on Brooks’ experiences in Memphis.

Brooks’ Role in Memphis and the Larger Issues

While Brooks acknowledges his own shortcomings, it is important to recognize that the problems in Memphis extended far beyond his individual performance. This season, the Grizzlies have struggled with a 2-8 record, primarily due to the absence of key players. Ja Morant’s 25-game suspension for flashing a gun on social media has garnered attention, but the devastating loss of Steven Adams for the entire season has been less discussed. Brooks should not be solely blamed for the team’s struggles, especially considering Adams’ absence during the previous postseason and the team’s adjustment period following Morant’s initial suspension.

Brooks’ Transition to Houston

In Houston, Dillon Brooks has become the player that the Grizzlies wish they still had on their roster. He has embraced his role on offense, staying within his lane, carefully selecting his shots, and consistently converting them. While it is still early in the season, Brooks’ move to Houston appears to be a positive change for his career.

Houston’s Fortunate Acquisition

Houston can consider themselves fortunate that Memphis was ready to move on from Dillon Brooks. His exceptional performance and ability to leave the drama behind have undoubtedly contributed to the team’s success.

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