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Denver’s New ‘5280’ City Edition Uniforms: Representing Mile High Basketball at its Finest

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Denver Nuggets Unveil New ‘5280’ City Edition Uniforms

Denver’s brand-new City Edition jersey is more than just a uniform. It represents the Mile High City and highlights the competitive advantage that the Nuggets enjoy at their home of Ball Arena. Playing at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, the Nuggets have the highest elevation in the league.

The change in elevation can have a significant impact on an athlete’s performance. The thinner air at higher altitudes reduces the body’s ability to transport oxygen, leading to increased exhaustion. However, the Nuggets have a distinct advantage as they are accustomed to the altitude due to their training and practice in these conditions.

The organization takes pride in this built-in advantage. Nuggets Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Declan J. Bolger, stated, “5280 is a badge of honor. It’s a competitive advantage for us, and this City Edition uniform is an opportunity to reinforce that competitive advantage… It’s our rallying cry.”

But it’s not just the thin air that makes Ball Arena a challenging place to play. Denver’s passionate fans contribute to the atmosphere with their kinetic energy, further adding to opponents’ exhaustion. Nuggets Nation embodies the 5280 mentality, making Ball Arena unlike any other arena in the NBA.

The 2023 City Edition uniforms are an evolution of the Nuggets’ famous skyline uniforms. Instead of featuring the city skyline, the new jerseys showcase the phrase “5280” across the chest in Nuggets Gold letters. The mountains, a prominent feature of Denver’s landscape, are depicted in Cobalt Blue.

The unique design of the City Edition uniforms includes the player’s number written in white above the 5280 branding and mountains. The numbers are placed off-center, just below the left collarbone, similar to previous skyline jerseys. On the back of the jersey, the player’s name and number are written dead-center in the same white font.

The base of the uniform is black, highlighting the Nuggets’ colors of Flatiron Red, Cobalt Blue, and Nuggets Gold. The collar is in Flatiron Red, and “DENVER” is written in the same color on the waistband. “DENVER NUGGETS” is written in Nuggets Gold just above the sizing tag, and a Nuggets Gold-colored pickaxe and ball logo adorn the side of the shorts.

The City Edition jerseys also feature a white Ibotta patch, a leading performance marketing platform and cash-back rewards provider that partnered with the franchise at the start of the season.

5280 is more than just a measurement; it is deeply ingrained in the culture and fabric of Denver. It is inscribed on the steps of the capitol and the signs marking city limits. It represents the landscape, weather, people, and players. The Nuggets are the only team in the NBA to call 5280 home, and it truly embodies the spirit of Mile High Basketball.

The Nuggets will exclusively wear the brand-new City Edition uniforms for designated 5280 Night / City Edition games at their home, the 5280, of Ball Arena. The schedule for these special games includes matchups against the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, and Phoenix.

In addition to the 5280 Night games, the Nuggets will also wear the ‘5280’ City Edition uniforms during the two Group Stage home games of the In-Season Tournament against the Dallas Mavericks and the LA Clippers.

To celebrate the launch of the 2023-24 City Edition Uniforms, the Nuggets are hosting an invite-only Happy Hour event for season ticket holders, partners, and selected fans. The event, presented by Ibotta, will take place at Asterisk Event Space and will feature a display of every single jersey the Nuggets have ever worn. Attendees will have the opportunity to see Denver’s current uniform collection, including the brand-new ‘5280’ City Edition uniform, and enjoy music from DJ Paws the Music.

The Denver Nuggets’ new ‘5280’ City Edition uniforms not only pay homage to the city’s unique elevation but also embody the team’s competitive spirit and the passion of its fans.

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