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David Ross’s Potential Managerial Role: Yankees Consideration and Other Bench Coach Candidates

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New York Yankees Consider Alternatives for Bench Coach Vacancy

David Ross Unlikely to Join Yankees as Bench Coach

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and former ESPN colleague David Ross were speculated to be a potential pairing after the Yankees lost bench coach Carlos Mendoza and Ross was let go by the Chicago Cubs on the same day last week. However, sources indicate that Ross would prefer to immediately return to a managerial position rather than take on a bench coach role.

While the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, and Houston Astros are still without managers, it remains unclear whether Ross is a candidate for any of those vacancies. The 46-year-old had one year remaining on his contract when the Cubs fired him to hire Craig Counsell from the Brewers. Regardless of his future employment, Ross will be paid in 2024.

With Ross unlikely to join the Yankees, the team is now exploring other options for their bench coach vacancy. Among the candidates under consideration are Brad Ausmus and Andrew Bailey. Another possibility being considered is moving Luis Rojas, the former Mets manager, from third base coach to bench coach and hiring a new third-base coach.

Ausmus, 54, previously managed the Detroit Tigers from 2014 to 2017 and the Los Angeles Angels in 2019. Bailey, 39, has served as the San Francisco Giants’ pitching coach for the past four seasons, but his contract has expired, allowing him to explore opportunities with other clubs. The Giants recently announced several new coaching appointments, excluding Bailey.

Bailey, who made 10 major-league appearances for the Yankees in 2015, is also being considered for pitching-coach positions with the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles. Given his roots in South Jersey and his alma mater, Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y., a return to the East Coast could be enticing for Bailey. The New York Mets expressed interest in interviewing him for their bench-coach vacancy in 2022, but the Giants denied permission due to his existing contract.

As the Yankees continue their search for a new bench coach, it remains to be seen who will ultimately fill the role. The team is evaluating various candidates, including Ausmus and Bailey, while also considering internal options such as promoting Rojas. The decision will play a crucial role in shaping the coaching staff for the upcoming season.

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