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Craig Counsell’s Surprising Move: Why He Chose the Chicago Cubs and Their Promising Future

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Craig Counsell Reveals What Convinced Him to Take on Cubs Manager Job

By Staff Writer

The Chicago Cubs officially introduced Craig Counsell as their new manager during a press conference held on Monday. This marked the first opportunity for the media to inquire about Counsell’s surprising move from Milwaukee to Chicago. Counsell shared his reasons for joining the Cubs and expressed his excitement for the future.

From a baseball perspective, Counsell quickly recognized the organization’s excellent condition and was captivated by the compelling vision presented by Cubs President Jed Hoyer. “It is the perfect time to be a Cub. There is a sense of momentum here, and it feels like we are on the verge of something great. This signifies an incredibly exciting future ahead of us. Now, my responsibility is to contribute to taking this team to the next level, and that is precisely what I intend to do,” Counsell stated.

Prior to joining the Cubs, Counsell managed the Milwaukee Brewers for nine years, allowing him to closely observe the various transformations the Cubs have undergone – from underdogs to World Series Champions, to rebuilds, and now to surprise contenders. Counsell commended the Cubs’ new core and pointed to their 83 wins in 2023 as evidence that the team is on the cusp of further progress.

“It is crucial to remember that last year’s performance does not guarantee the same outcome this year. Teams evolve. I have often used the analogy of a soup – it may have the same ingredients, but it will taste slightly different when prepared by someone else. Each year requires the creation of a new dynamic, regardless of the circumstances. Some players who had exceptional seasons last year may not perform as well, and vice versa. However, the Cubs possess a solid foundation and a strong core, which speaks to the organization’s overall health and a promising future,” Counsell explained.

Undoubtedly, a significant increase in salary played a substantial role in Counsell’s decision to join the Cubs. Multiple reports indicate that Counsell signed an impressive five-year, $40 million contract, making him the highest-paid manager in MLB. This figure represents more than double his previous earnings with the Brewers.

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