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Controversy Surrounding Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson’s Hit in Win Over Vikings Sparks NFL Review

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Controversial Hit Sparks Debate in Broncos’ Victory ⁣over Vikings

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The Denver Broncos continue their winning streak, securing their⁢ fourth consecutive victory and solidifying their position in the AFC playoff race. Their latest triumph came on Sunday night as they staged a remarkable comeback against the Minnesota Vikings, thanks to a⁤ late ‍touchdown pass by Russell Wilson. However, this win did not come ⁣without its fair share of controversy.

During the opening drive ⁣of the game, Minnesota‌ quarterback Joshua Dobbs​ fumbled ⁤the football, which was subsequently recovered by the Denver defense. Following the game, Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell expressed his belief that⁤ Broncos safety Kareem Jackson should have been penalized for the hit that led to the turnover. Jackson, who had just ‍returned from a two-game suspension for similar hits, ⁢appeared to lower his ‌head and lead with the crown of his helmet into ⁣Dobbs’ chest. The NFL ‌is currently reviewing the hit for potential disciplinary action, as reported by NFL Media. If the league determines that Jackson’s hit was excessive, ⁤it could result‍ in another suspension.

“On the field,‌ it felt like that,” O’Connell stated when asked if Jackson should have been flagged, according to⁤ ESPN. “I’ll have to go back and ⁣look at ‍it. It tends to happen pretty fast out there, but in the⁣ moment, ‌coming from the second level the way he⁣ did, it seemed like a pretty direct helmet-to-helmet type hit. But I’m sure the officials saw it differently on the play. They’re officiating a fast-paced game.”

Dobbs ‍underwent‍ evaluation by trainers in⁢ the blue medical tent following ⁣the hit but‌ was cleared to continue playing.⁤ In his postgame remarks, the​ quarterback assured that he “felt fine” and acknowledged the need to take⁣ better care of the​ football ⁣in the future. The Broncos capitalized‌ on the turnover, adding three points to their score through a 31-yard field goal ⁤by Will Lutz.

Kareem Jackson has gained a reputation⁢ for questionable hits, having been fined four times this season and ejected twice in⁢ addition ​to his recent suspension. Consequently, any borderline hit by ⁢Jackson is bound to be scrutinized and closely examined.

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