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Connecticut MLB Umpires Deliver Gifts to Kids at Connecticut Children’s Hospital

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Connecticut Umpires Give Back to Home State

Major League Baseball Umpires Return to Connecticut to Support Connecticut Children’s

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Connecticut has a rich history of producing talented Major League Baseball umpires. Two of these umpires, Dan Iassogna and Jim Reynolds, recently returned to their home state to give back to the community that shaped them. Both Iassogna and Reynolds grew up in Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut.

During their visit, Iassogna and Reynolds made a special trip to Connecticut Children’s, where they delivered gifts to the young patients. Assisted by the Hartford Yard Goats, the umpires distributed 100 Build-A-Bear stuffed toys, outfits, and activity books as part of the UMPS CARE Charities program, which was established in 2006.

For Reynolds, who retired after an impressive 24-season career, this event held extra significance as he returned to his home state. Reflecting on his experiences, Reynolds expressed his gratitude, saying, “When I’m doing hospital events in Cleveland, St. Louis, and San Diego, those are super impactful events. But, to come back to my own state, come back to a hospital that I’ve been to, that we’ve used and my family’s been involved in, and do this in my own community. I love Connecticut, I owe this state a lot.”

Former University of Connecticut coach Andy Baylock also joined the event to show his support for Connecticut Children’s. Baylock, who taught Reynolds, Iassogna, and two other outstanding umpires from the state, Terry Tata and Ed Rapuano, emphasized the significance of their return. “We’re so lucky, we’re products of this town, products of the school systems here, the university here. And to come back to Connecticut Children’s and put a smile on some kids’ faces, it’s the culmination of a really fulfilling career,” said Iassogna.

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