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Chattanooga HC Admits Mistakes After Crushing Loss to Alabama: ‘We Were Stupid

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Alabama Football Dominates Chattanooga in Impressive Victory

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Chattanooga Mocs knew they were in for a tough challenge as they walked into Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday to face the Alabama Crimson Tide. Alabama, currently boasting a 10-1 record and ‌a ‌perfect 7-0 in the SEC,⁣ was ⁣widely regarded as the hottest team ⁤in the⁤ country. The vast difference in resources ‌between the two teams was evident, with⁢ Alabama suiting up 134 players for​ senior day compared‍ to Chattanooga’s 62. ⁢The economic disparity in college football was on⁢ full display in front of tens of thousands ‍of cheering fans.

As expected, the outcome of​ the game was ‍never ⁤in doubt. However, Chattanooga head⁢ coach Rusty‌ Wright believed ‌his team could have put up a better fight and kept the scoreline closer than the⁢ final 66-10⁤ result suggested.‌ In his postgame ⁤recap, Wright ⁤didn’t mince words,⁢ stating,​ “We got our ass kicked. We knew it was gonna be a challenge. We can’t throw interceptions.⁢ We can’t let them return punts. We⁣ can’t do things that we ⁣can control that could make life,​ never would’ve changed the outcome but⁤ we could’ve done things better. That was the goal today.”

Despite the lopsided scoreline, Wright was not ‌upset with his team’s effort. The ⁤Mocs fell behind by 21 points early in the game but ⁢showed resilience​ in the second quarter, producing 90 yards compared to Alabama’s 134. However,​ Chattanooga struggled to contain Alabama’s ‍Jermaine Burton on the boundary and the Tide’s ⁣five​ ball-carriers ​who each rushed for at least 40 yards.

There were​ some bright spots for Chattanooga amidst the dominant performance by ​Alabama. Jay Person recorded the game’s only ⁢sack against Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe,‌ while Gino⁤ Appleberry broke through Alabama’s defense with a 40-yard touchdown run in the⁤ second quarter.⁤ Appleberry, a senior from Atlanta, became the‍ first FCS running back in 20⁢ years to reach triple-digit rushing yards against Alabama.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Luke​ Schomburg, making his first career start, showed promise for Chattanooga. Despite⁢ completing just 10-of-21 ⁣passes for 107 yards and throwing​ an interception to Kristian​ Story, Schomburg managed to catch Alabama ​off guard with a 54-yard pass to Javin Whatley. However, breakdowns‍ in execution prevented Chattanooga from capitalizing on these opportunities.

Wright praised Schomburg’s performance, ⁤stating, “Chattanooga got better ⁤today because of him. That young man can go​ out there and play against that? I know he wasn’t perfect and didn’t get a whole⁢ lot of help. That group ‌played ‌their tails off. They’ll fight. ‍I hope they get an opportunity to fight one more time.”

With the loss, the ​Mocs’ record now stands at 7-4, with a 6-2 record in the Southern Conference. Chattanooga will​ need to⁤ rely on an at-large selection to secure a ⁤spot⁤ in the FCS playoff ​bracket.‌ However, NCAA.com’s latest projections have listed Chattanooga among the first teams out.

As for Alabama, they will now turn their ‍attention to the highly anticipated Iron Bowl⁣ against Auburn next weekend ‍before facing Georgia in the SEC Championship. The Crimson Tide, ​currently holding a spot in both the AP and coaches polls, will ⁢look to maintain their momentum as they continue their ​quest for another national championship.

Nick Alvarez is ‌a reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @nick_a_alvarez or email him at [email protected].

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