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Chasing 2024 PGA TOUR Status: George and Wesley Bryan’s Journey Begins

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Title:⁤ Bryan Brothers Chase PGA TOUR Status After Memorable Week at Butterfield Bermuda⁣ Championship

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In a week filled with excitement and sibling rivalry, ⁤the Bryan brothers, Wesley and George, showcased ⁢their golfing prowess at‍ the Butterfield ‍Bermuda Championship. As they competed in the same PGA TOUR event for the first ⁢time, the brothers left a lasting ⁣impression on the golfing world.

Wesley Bryan, known for his mischievous grin,​ confidently predicted his success for the week, vowing to outperform⁢ his older‍ brother. ⁣Despite George’s impressive start in the Bryan Bros Golf content series on YouTube,‍ this marked his ⁤first official TOUR start, while Wesley has already⁣ amassed 112⁤ starts.

During the tournament, Wesley showered George ⁣with‌ praise,‌ acknowledging his⁣ brother’s⁤ exceptional skills. ‌However, Wesley was determined to keep⁤ George’s ego in check and asserted, ‌”I’m‍ going‌ to bury him ​this week.” This playful banter was captured for “The ‌Turn,” the PGA ⁤TOUR’s YouTube series documenting the FedExCup Fall.

As the tournament ⁣progressed, Wesley’s prediction came true⁣ after‌ a remarkable Friday rally, shooting a 7-under 64 to make the cut alongside George. ⁤While Wesley finished T37 at 12 under, George finished​ T69 at 6 under, both finding ⁢success in their own way.

George, 35, proved‌ his mettle‌ as a serious and capable golfer, dispelling any doubts about his deserving a sponsor exemption. Long regarded for his exceptional swing, George ⁤had previously struggled with ⁤expectations and experienced burnout. However, this ‌year, he decided to ⁣give professional golf‌ another shot, participating in PGA ​TOUR ‌Q-School and advancing through the ​stages.

The Bryan brothers now shift their focus to the TOUR’s status-and-eligibility season. They are​ set to⁣ compete at the same site for the Second ​Stage of Q-School at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta, Georgia. Wesley aims to improve his Past Champion status on ⁢TOUR, ⁤while George seeks to secure conditional Korn Ferry Tour status at minimum.

The‌ top ⁢five and ties at the Final Stage of Q-School ​will earn 2024 PGA‌ TOUR membership, while the next 40 and ties will‍ earn guaranteed​ starts on the Korn Ferry Tour. The Bryan brothers ⁢are determined to achieve their PGA TOUR dreams and continue their golfing journey together.

As⁢ Wesley prepares for the Second ‍Stage of​ Q-School, he will also​ compete at The RSM Classic, hoping to⁤ improve his FedExCup Fall standings and secure ​direct access to the Final Stage. Meanwhile, George takes confidence‌ from​ his performance in Bermuda, ​knowing ‍that his game can ⁤still improve.

Reflecting on their memorable week, the Bryan ‍brothers expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to compete together ⁢on the PGA TOUR.​ They reminisced about their childhood dreams of playing professional golf and watching tournaments ‌together⁢ with their father.

With their core memory solidified, the Bryan brothers are ready to⁤ face​ the challenges ahead. Their ‍journey towards PGA TOUR status continues, and they remain determined to prove themselves ‍at‌ the highest level of‍ professional ⁣golf.

As Wesley jokingly reminded George during ⁤their post-round interview, the‌ fairy tale⁢ may come to an end at some point.⁤ However, their remarkable journey thus far ‌has already left an indelible mark‍ on ⁤the golfing world, ⁤and their bond‍ as brothers will continue to ‌inspire golf enthusiasts worldwide.Bryan Brothers Chase PGA TOUR Status in‍ Pursuit of Golfing Dreams

Wesley Bryan ⁤raises an ⁤eyebrow, accompanied by a ​mischievous grin.⁤ It’s pro-am day at the Butterfield⁤ Bermuda Championship, and the younger Bryan brother offers a prediction⁤ for the week.‌ He’ll ⁣compete​ in the same ​TOUR⁢ event as his brother⁣ George for the first time. Wesley has spent ⁣most of‌ recent‍ years as a full-time touring pro, while George has focused ⁣on the successful ⁤Bryan Bros Golf content series, primarily producing long-form YouTube videos. This ​marks George’s first TOUR start,⁣ while Wesley has already competed ‌in 112 events.

Wesley‍ readily showers⁤ his ‌brother‍ with praise, acknowledging George’s ​impressive skills. “You’re hitting⁣ it good ⁣and you’re putting⁢ it good and you’re chipping it good… usually that’s​ like the recipe. The ⁢golden ticket.‌ The cat’s meow,” Wesley tells George. He also‍ apologizes ⁤to​ his pro-am team for being a⁤ letdown after George.⁢ The team‍ played the front nine with George before switching to Wesley for​ the back nine at Port Royal Golf Course.

But now, Wesley⁢ needs​ to keep George’s ego in check ‌and prove himself as the superior​ brother. “I’m going to ⁢bury him this week,” Wesley declares, captured ​for⁣ “The Turn,” the PGA TOUR’s ⁤YouTube series chronicling the FedExCup ⁢Fall.⁢ “I’m going ‍to dig ‌deep. I’ll find something.”

Fast ​forward to Sunday‌ afternoon, and the Bryan brothers meet at ‌the ‍post-round interview area to reflect⁢ on​ one of their most memorable weeks. Wesley finished as the⁤ lower Bryan, securing a T37 position at 12 under after a‌ final-round 67.‌ George finished T69 at 6 under after⁣ a ⁤final-round 72.

Wesley’s prediction came true after a remarkable ‌Friday rally, shooting a 7-under 64 to ​make the cut on the number alongside George ‍at 5 ⁢under. Wesley pulled away ⁣on the weekend, utilizing his long-term TOUR experience,‍ but both brothers⁤ found success in their own way.

George, 35, proved his mettle as a serious⁣ and capable golfer. Known for possessing one ‍of the game’s premier ‍swings, he struggled with expectations early in his career and experienced burnout from the ‍professional grind. He then shifted his focus to‍ his career as ⁤a digital creator. However,​ this year, George decided to give professional golf another shot. He signed​ up​ for PGA TOUR Q-School presented by Korn Ferry, shared co-medalist honors at his pre-qualifying site, and advanced ​through First Stage last⁢ month with a comfortable four-stroke lead.

George received a⁣ sponsor exemption ​to the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, silencing any doubts about ⁢a YouTuber undeservingly receiving a spot in a TOUR event.⁢ Nobody was prouder‌ than Wesley, who won the TOUR’s 2017 RBC Heritage a year ⁤after earning a Three-Victory Promotion via‍ the Korn Ferry Tour. ​Wesley’s first Korn⁢ Ferry Tour title in Louisiana came with‍ George as ‌his caddie.

“One, it was pretty special just⁣ to⁣ be able to‍ tee⁢ it up on the PGA ​TOUR with‌ him. ​That’s nothing that can be taken away from us moving forward,” Wesley said on Sunday afternoon,‍ with George by his side. “It was ⁣a dream ⁢that we’ve ‌had ‌since we were kids. ​That was kind of our dream. We’d sit down on Sunday afternoons and watch ⁢every ​single golf tournament. My‌ dad would tape them. ⁣So to be able to say that ⁣we did that‍ together is pretty​ special.”

“It was an insane week,” George ⁢agreed.

With a core memory solidified, the Bryan brothers now turn their attention to ⁢the TOUR’s status-and-eligibility season. They’re set to​ compete at the same site for‍ the Second Stage of Q-School at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club in Valdosta, ⁤Georgia, from November 28 to December 1. Wesley ‌aims to improve his Past‌ Champion status⁤ on TOUR, while George ⁢hopes to secure⁣ conditional Korn Ferry Tour status at minimum by advancing through Second⁤ Stage. The top five and ties at Final Stage of Q-School, ‌scheduled for December 14-17⁤ across ‍TPC Sawgrass’ Dye’s Valley Course and Sawgrass Country Club, ‌will⁣ earn 2024 PGA TOUR membership. The next ⁢40 and ties will earn ⁣guaranteed starts on the Korn Ferry Tour, with the remainder earning guaranteed‌ PGA​ TOUR Americas starts and conditional Korn Ferry Tour status.

There’s an extra twist‍ for Wesley, who‍ will compete ⁢at the TOUR’s ​season-ending The RSM Classic this coming week. Currently standing at No. 189 on the FedExCup​ Fall standings, Wesley ⁢has a chance to secure direct access ‍to ⁢Final Stage if ⁤he finishes within ⁢the top 40 applicants⁣ below No. 125 on the final standings (to a floor⁢ of No. 200). He wouldn’t ‍mind the opportunity⁣ to keep ‌a close eye on George’s ​scores that week.

As George readies himself for the Second Stage of Q-School, he ‌takes confidence in ⁤his ability‍ to grind out respectable scores even without ⁢his peak game. ‍His closing 1-over 72 moved⁣ him ‍15 spots down the leaderboard, but ​he understands that one of Q-School’s ⁤keys‍ is to keep an “off day” around par. It’s a ⁢marathon, not a sprint, as ⁣they ​say.

“I’m also encouraged going to Q-School because I feel like my game could get even better, ⁤which is crazy,” George said. “But, I mean, looking back⁤ at 72 holes on the PGA TOUR,​ playing​ the weekend,⁣ shooting 69-72, so 1 under⁤ on the weekend in my first TOUR event is really good. Even today, I didn’t have it per se​ and shot ⁤1 over with winds gusting and ‍feeling uncomfortable⁢ on ‍every single shot.”

“I think it’s given me a massive confidence boost leaving this week. I’d like to ‍show‌ that I could compete⁢ at this‌ level. I mean, I guess I barely⁤ made the cut or whatever, but still, I beat a ⁤lot of guys ‌that ‌play golf for a living. As a YouTuber or playing professional golf a little bit, that’s a massive confidence boost heading‍ into ‌Q-School.”

True to⁢ form, Wesley was there to keep his brother level-headed. During Sunday’s wrap-up interview, George ⁢alluded⁤ to the possibility‍ of earning a PGA TOUR⁤ card via Q-School and playing the team-format Zurich Classic of New Orleans with his brother.

Wesley ⁢quickly interjected, “Dude,‍ you’re not​ going to get through Q-School. ​The​ fairy tale’s going ‍to ⁢come to ‌an end at‍ some point.”

“Oh,⁤ c’mon,” George replied.

“It’s been too much of a fairy tale,” Wesley said.

“It’s been a pretty dang⁣ good one,” George replied.

The Bryan ⁣brothers continue their journey, chasing their dreams and‌ pushing each other to new heights. As they prepare for the Second Stage of Q-School, ​their determination ‍and ⁣brotherly bond will undoubtedly fuel their pursuit of PGA TOUR status.

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