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CFP Introduces 5+7 Model: Top 6 Rankings Remain Unchanged

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Top 6 Rankings Remain Unchanged in Latest CFP Ranking

Ohio State and Georgia Maintain Top Spots in College Football Playoff Ranking

The College Football Playoff (CFP) management committee has reached an agreement on a new model that will reward the top five conference champions and the next seven highest-ranked teams in the upcoming 12-team format, sources have confirmed to ESPN.

This new 5+7 model, which was agreed upon during an in-person meeting in Dallas on Thursday, represents a shift from the previous 6+6 proposal. However, it still requires unanimous approval from the 11 presidents and chancellors who oversee the CFP.

While the majority of the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick have long supported the 5+7 model, they have been hesitant to fully commit due to uncertainties and legal issues surrounding the Pac-12 conference. As part of the new policy established by the committee, a league must have at least eight members to be eligible for an automatic qualifying spot in the 12-team field.

The changes were first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The original model was designed to reward the champions of the Power 5 conferences and the top Group of 5 winner. However, the landscape of college football underwent significant realignment changes this summer, which severely impacted the Pac-12 conference. Currently, Oregon State and Washington State are embroiled in a legal battle as they navigate their future paths.

According to NCAA bylaws, an FBS conference must have a minimum of eight full FBS members that meet all bowl subdivision requirements. The NCAA allows conferences a two-year grace period when they no longer meet membership requirements before changes are necessary. It is possible that the Pac-12 may utilize this rule for at least a year while they work towards finding a scheduling solution and determining their next steps. However, a two-team league would now be ineligible for the CFP.

The CFP Board of Managers consists of 10 FBS presidents and chancellors, along with Notre Dame president John Jenkins. Washington State president Kirk Schulz represents the Pac-12 on the board and has the authority to present the proposed format change on their behalf.

The next meeting of the CFP board is expected to take place in early December.

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