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Building a Winner: How the White Sox Can Rebuild and Win in 2024

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The Chicago White Sox Look to Rebuild and Improve in the Offseason

The World Series has come to an end, and the offseason has officially begun for Major League Baseball. For Chicago White Sox fans, it’s been a disappointing season, but there is hope on the horizon. Moves are being made and will continue to be made to help the team improve and become a winner. While the 2024 season may not appear promising at the moment, better things are on the horizon. The offseason presents an opportunity for the White Sox to set their ship in the right direction.

However, the White Sox face a challenge when it comes to bolstering their team. The organization has always struggled with limited financial resources, making it difficult to sign big-name free agents. It would be incredible if the White Sox could somehow acquire a player like Shohei Ohtani, who is a free agent this offseason. Even a mid-priced free agent would be a welcome addition, but the team’s tight budget makes it uncertain how much they will be willing to spend.

Given their payroll restrictions, the question arises: how can the White Sox rebuild this offseason? Will they be able to afford the key pieces they need to become a winning team? And can they fill all the positions that require help? Based on the White Sox’s past approach, it is likely that they will pursue a couple of high-priced heavy hitters and complement them with lower-priced, less talented players from the free-agent market. While this may not be the ideal scenario, it may be the reality for the White Sox.

One of the team’s most pressing needs is in the starting pitcher position. After a significant loss of talent in the starting rotation, with only Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech surviving the purge, the White Sox are in desperate need of pitching help. This offseason, their focus should primarily be on acquiring talented starting pitchers who can contribute to their success in 2024.

There are several free-agent pitchers available who could be worth considering for the White Sox. Players like Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, or Tyler Mahle could significantly improve the team’s pitching staff. Strengthening the pitching staff is crucial for the White Sox to have a successful offseason.

In addition to starting pitching, the White Sox also have other positions that require attention. One such position is catcher. While the team has some promising prospects for the future, they need immediate help at the catcher position. There have been rumors of a potential trade for Kansas City’s Salvador Perez, thanks to his connection with White Sox Manager Pedro Grifol. However, acquiring Perez, who is older and may not be a long-term solution, would not make for a perfect offseason for the White Sox.

Instead, the White Sox should aim to acquire a younger catcher with Major League experience. Free agents like Mitch Garver, Yan Gomes, or Roberto Perez would be excellent choices to fill the team’s need at the catcher spot.

Finally, a successful offseason for the White Sox would require addressing two key spots in the infield: second baseman and shortstop. With the departures of Tim Anderson and Elvis Andrus, the team has two holes to fill. The acquisition of Nicky Lopez from the Braves to handle second base seems to have solved that problem. As for shortstop, the team may rely on Colson Montgomery, a promising minor league player, to step in and fill the void left by Anderson’s departure.

There are many other aspects that could contribute to a perfect offseason for the White Sox, and we will continue to cover those as the offseason progresses. For now, the team needs to develop a plan, execute it, and prepare for a successful 2024 season.

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