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Building a Solid Starting Pitching Rotation: What Are the Cincinnati Reds’ Plans

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The Cincinnati Reds Look to Bolster Their Starting Pitching Rotation

The Cincinnati Reds have a promising group of young starting pitchers with plenty of potential. However, none of them have yet to throw 150 innings in a season, and only one has surpassed 130 innings. With the uncertainty of injuries and the inconsistency of some pitchers, the Reds are actively seeking to strengthen their rotation.

In a recent interview with Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Reds President of Baseball Operations, Nick Krall, discussed the team’s pitching needs. While the specifics remain unclear, Krall mentioned several key criteria:

  • A blend of quality and quantity of innings
  • Avoiding high-risk “upside” pitchers who may also perform poorly
  • No strict requirement for an “upside guy”
  • Possibility of considering a versatile “swing man”

It’s important to note that a “swing man” does not fulfill the criteria of providing both quality and quantity innings. Typically, a swing man is not good enough to be a starter and is often used as a reliever who can start in emergency situations. Therefore, the Reds are likely seeking reliable starting pitchers rather than swing men.

The Reds aim to avoid the pitfalls of relying on underperforming pitchers with potential. They understand that banking on cheap options or hoping for a miraculous turnaround is not a sustainable strategy for improvement. Instead, they are looking for a reliable #4 caliber starter who can consistently keep the team competitive.

Considering the franchise’s history and previous comments from Krall about aligning payroll with resources, it is unlikely that the Reds will pursue top-tier pitchers in the market. While some notable pitchers, like Aaron Nola, have recently signed lucrative contracts, the Reds’ current payroll allows for significant spending. Even after accounting for players who will no longer be with the team, Cincinnati has ample financial flexibility to sign quality pitchers without major concerns about long-term payroll implications.

Following a successful season, Karen Forgus, the Reds Senior Vice President of Business Operations, expressed optimism about the team’s financial position. She emphasized that every dollar earned is reinvested in the organization, enabling bigger investments in player development and on-field improvements.

Although Krall’s recent comments did not provide explicit details about the team’s plans, the Reds are expected to make noteworthy acquisitions to bolster their starting pitching rotation. With numerous options available in the free agent and trade markets, the Reds have the opportunity to secure pitchers at various skill levels, from potential top-of-the-rotation starters to reliable middle or back-end rotation options.

As the offseason progresses, fans eagerly await the unveiling of the Reds’ plans. Until then, it remains to be seen which pitchers will join the team and contribute to their quest for success.

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