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Billie Jean King’s Secrets to Staying Healthy During the Holidays: Sleep, Hydration, and More

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Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Shares Her Secrets to Staying Healthy

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It’s safe to say that Billie Jean King, the renowned tennis legend, knows a thing or two about staying healthy. With an impressive record of 39 grand slam titles, King has become an icon in the world of tennis. However, what she may be most famous for is her historic victory against male player Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes in 1973.

At the age of nearly 80, King continues to defy expectations and shows few signs of slowing down. She still plays tennis a few times a week and maintains a regular weightlifting routine. For her, falling ill has never really been an option, which is why she knows exactly what to do when she feels a cold coming on.

Unfortunately, getting sick during the holidays happens more often than any of us would like, whether it’s due to the chilly weather or family members picking up germs during their travels.

To nip any sickness in the bud, King follows a simple yet effective routine. “I prioritize sleep and hydration,” King tells Parade. “During the first couple of days when I’m sick, I try to get to bed early. However, research has shown that keeping your body moving is beneficial for overall health. So even when I have a cold, I make sure to engage in light movement.”

Furthermore, King emphasizes the importance of staying up to date on vaccines as the best defense against getting sick. “Every year, my cardiologist calls to ask if I got my flu shot,” she reveals. “When the COVID booster became available, I started getting that as well. I think I’m up to above five now.”

It’s clear that King’s approach to staying healthy revolves around two key factors: sleep and water. By prioritizing rest, staying active even when feeling under the weather, and ensuring she is vaccinated, King sets an example for all of us.

So, take a page from Billie Jean King’s book and remember the importance of sleep and hydration in maintaining good health. By following her advice, you can increase your chances of staying healthy during the holiday season and beyond.

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