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Big 12 and WWE Join Forces: Championship Title Belt Awarded to Conference Championship MVP

by americanosportscom

Big ⁤12, WWE Pairing Hands ⁢Title Belt to Conference Championship ⁢MVP

By John Smith

Published on November 16, 2023, 12:00 PM ET

WWE and the⁣ Big 12 have announced an exciting new partnership centered around the Big 12 championship game. As ​part of this collaboration, the game’s⁤ most outstanding player⁣ will be ​awarded a custom-made⁢ championship​ title belt.

The agreement between WWE and the Big 12 includes the⁣ incorporation of blended‌ Big 12-WWE logos on the field at AT&T Stadium, the introduction of a⁤ new Big 12 merchandise line, and the involvement of WWE superstars in presenting the most ⁢outstanding ‍player ​belt and participating in various events ⁤surrounding the title game, scheduled for December 2.

This partnership⁢ with ‍WWE is a strategic ‌move by ​the‍ Big 12 to modernize ‌and engage ​with a younger audience. Adding to the excitement, hip-hop star Nelly is set‍ to perform ‌during halftime.

“WWE is​ a globally⁢ recognized‌ brand that appeals to a wide range of audiences,” ‌stated Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark. “Through this partnership, ⁣we aim‌ to seamlessly integrate WWE and its influential brand ⁤into ‍one of the​ conference’s ⁣most significant moments,​ further strengthening the connection between ​sports and entertainment throughout the⁤ Big‌ 12.”

Yormark, who has an extensive background in​ the ‌sports entertainment industry, joined the Big 12 from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, where ‍he served as CEO and president of business‌ operations and strategy.

WWE has been actively involved‍ in college football in recent years. Their name, image, ⁣and likeness program, “Next​ In Line,” has ⁣provided opportunities for football players and other college athletes to pursue⁣ professional wrestling careers. Additionally, WWE has​ finalized licensing agreements with‌ all 14 SEC programs to create ‌championship belts featuring each school’s ​logo on the side plates.

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