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Are Gary Cohen and Mets Broadcasters Really at Odds with the Clubhouse? Here’s What Howie Rose Has to Say

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WFAN’s Claims of Mets Broadcasters at Odds with Clubhouse Debunked by Howie Rose

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In a surprising turn of events, it seems that WFAN’s claims about tensions between the New York Mets broadcasters and the team’s clubhouse have been debunked. Mets Hall of Fame radio voice Howie Rose took to Twitter to set the record straight, refuting the idea that play-by-play voice Gary Cohen and other broadcasters are at odds with the players.

Rose’s tweet read, “FYI. Before any other silly controversies are created, please know that Gary Cohen is in the Mets clubhouse every day. Before Every. Single Game all season unless he has the day off. Okay. On to the next fabricated non-story.”

This controversy arose earlier in the week during Carlos Mendoza’s introduction as the 25th manager in Mets history. Mendoza mentioned Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling, the beloved broadcast trio, during his opening monologue. However, WFAN’s Gregg Giannotti questioned the authenticity of Mendoza’s statement, suggesting that it was a result of growing animosity between the broadcasters and players.

Giannotti claimed, “I have heard, I have been told, that Gary, Keith, and Ron over the last number of years are never down talking to the players anymore. They don’t, and the players and the managers and the coaches, they can’t stand the fact that these guys are so popular, and they sit up there and pontificate in the booth, but they’re never down there talking to the players and they’re like bigger than life. My theory on this is that someone was needling Gary, Keith, and Ron and gave Mendoza that line.”

While it would be surprising to see Mets players address this topic unprovoked, one would expect them to respond positively to the influence of the broadcasters, considering their immense popularity among the fanbase. Cohen has previously mentioned chatting with Francisco Lindor in the clubhouse, and Pete Alonso paid tribute to Keith Hernandez with his signature mustache and stirrups on the day Hernandez’s number was retired by the Mets in 2022.

Despite Giannotti’s accusations, Rose’s statement should be enough to put the controversy to rest. While Cohen’s presence in the clubhouse doesn’t necessarily indicate the same for Darling and Hernandez, it is reasonable to take the broadcasters at their word. The Mets’ broadcast booth, including Cohen, Darling, and Hernandez, is widely respected and ranked as the second-best in MLB local broadcaster rankings for 2023 by SNY.

With the Mets already facing numerous concerns this offseason, it seems that tensions between the broadcasters and players are not among them. It’s time to turn the page and focus on the team’s upcoming challenges.

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