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App State Stuns James Madison with Overtime Win, Ending Perfect Season

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App State’s Overtime Touchdown Ends James Madison’s Perfect Season

By Associated Press

HARRISONBURG, Va. – In a thrilling overtime showdown, Kaedin Robinson’s touchdown secured a stunning victory for Appalachian State, ending James Madison’s perfect⁤ season. The 18th-ranked Dukes suffered their⁤ first loss of the season with a⁣ final score of 26-23 on Saturday.

James Madison (10-1, 6-1 Sun Belt) took ​the⁣ lead in overtime when Camden Wise successfully kicked a 25-yard field goal, ⁢giving the Dukes a 23-20 advantage. However, on third down from the 8-yard line, Appalachian State’s Joey Aguilar delivered a precise‌ pass to Robinson. Despite losing control of the ball after crossing the goal line, Robinson’s touchdown was confirmed ‍after a video review.

The ⁤defeat marked the end of‌ James‍ Madison’s impressive 13-game ‍winning streak,⁣ casting⁢ a shadow over what was supposed to be a celebratory ⁤day in Harrisonburg. ​JMU had the honor of hosting ESPN’s “College⁤ GameDay,” but the‍ loss overshadowed the event.

Earlier in the week, ⁢James Madison’s appeal for a postseason waiver was denied by the NCAA. However, the Virginia attorney general has hired a law firm to argue for the Dukes’ inclusion in bowl consideration. The firm is emphasizing JMU’s record, national ranking,⁢ and successful transition from the ⁤Football Championship​ Subdivision to the Bowl Subdivision.

Despite ​the disappointment, James Madison (10-1, 6-1 Sun Belt) had hoped to secure a spot in a New Year’s Six bowl and compete for a Sun Belt title.

Robinson played a pivotal role in Appalachian ‍State’s victory, finishing the game with four catches for 68 yards and two touchdowns. Aguilar’s impressive performance included 318 passing yards, three⁤ touchdowns, and an interception. The win keeps Appalachian State’s Sun Belt East hopes alive.

“This win against a ranked football team in James Madison is a significant achievement for our program,” said Appalachian State coach Shawn⁤ Clark. “We approached​ this⁣ game as the next challenge on our schedule, and it demonstrates that Boone, North ​Carolina, remains a force to be reckoned with.”

Clark also acknowledged James Madison’s formidable defense, which ranks first in⁤ yards​ rushing per game.⁢ Appalachian State’s ⁣strategy focused on protecting ⁢the quarterback and allowing Aguilar to make progressions. The quarterback and receivers executed their game plan flawlessly.

Jordan McCloud, James​ Madison’s quarterback, completed 27 of 46 passes ‍for 276 yards, including a touchdown and an interception. Elijah​ Sarratt contributed significantly to the Dukes’ ⁤efforts‍ with ⁢eight​ catches​ for 128 ‌yards and a touchdown.

JMU coach ⁣Curt Cignetti‌ praised his team’s resilience in forcing overtime with sensational plays during the final drive.​ However, he acknowledged that Appalachian State outperformed them in overtime, executing their plays flawlessly.

Appalachian State built a commanding 20-5 lead in the second half, highlighted by Aguilar’s 16-yard touchdown pass to Eli Wilson on the first play of⁤ the fourth quarter.

James Madison’s offense finally found its rhythm, with McCloud leading a 16-play, 75-yard drive that culminated in a 6-yard⁤ touchdown run, ‍narrowing the gap to 17-12 with⁢ 8:20 remaining.

Aguilar’s composure during the subsequent drive prevented JMU from regaining possession. The Mountaineers ​added another field goal with ‌3:55 left on the clock.

McCloud’s completion to Sarratt on a crucial ⁢4th-and-18 play kept James Madison’s hopes alive. The duo then connected for a touchdown on the following play,⁣ bringing the Dukes within two points with just ⁢0:57 remaining ​in the fourth quarter.

McCloud and Sarratt’s successful 2-point conversion tied the score at 20, forcing the⁣ game into‍ overtime.

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