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Angels Make Surprising Decision Ahead of Non-Tender Deadline: Keeping Both Jose Suarez and Jose Quijada, Non-Tender Jose Marte

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Los Angeles Angels Make Interesting Decisions Ahead of Non-Tender Deadline

Jose Suarez and Jose Quijada’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

The Los Angeles Angels faced a crucial decision as the non-tender deadline approached. With two players in arbitration, it seemed likely that the team would part ways with at least one of them. The players in question were Jose Suarez and Jose Quijada.

Suarez, despite his poor performance last season, appeared unlikely to be non-tendered. The young pitcher had shown promise in the past and had experienced success at the MLB level. On the other hand, Quijada’s future with the team seemed uncertain due to his upcoming absence for the majority, if not the entire, 2024 season following Tommy John Surgery.

However, the Angels surprised everyone by deciding to keep both Suarez and Quijada, at least until the non-tender deadline. Instead, they turned to a pre-arbitration player to find the player they would non-tender. That player turned out to be Jose Marte.

Jose Marte’s Struggles Overshadow His Potential

Jose Marte has managed to stick around in the Angels organization due to his undeniable talent. He possesses a powerful arm, with a heavy sinker and a decent change-up. However, his inability to produce consistent results has been his downfall.

During a prolonged stint in September, Marte struggled immensely, posting an alarming 8.68 ERA in just 10 appearances and 9.1 innings pitched. His recurring issues stem from a lack of command, as evidenced by his seven walks and three home runs allowed in the past season. Unfortunately, these struggles are not new to him at the major league level.

Throughout his sporadic appearances in the last three years, Marte has accumulated an 8.18 career ERA in the majors. His walks (28) have outnumbered his innings pitched (24.1). While he has shown flashes of brilliance with 27 strikeouts, his lack of command remains a significant concern.

What Lies Ahead for Jose Marte?

Despite his struggles, Marte is still a relatively young right-hander at 27 years old and offers a considerable amount of team control. It wouldn’t be surprising to see another team take a chance on his raw talent. Alternatively, the Angels may consider re-signing him on a minor league deal, as they have done with players like Austin Warren and Kenny Rosenberg in the past.

Considering Marte’s lack of reliability, it makes sense for the Angels to part ways with him on the 40-man roster and search for an upgrade in their bullpen. However, if Marte is open to a minor league deal, it is possible that the Angels may give him another opportunity to prove himself.

In the end, the non-tender deadline brought unexpected decisions for the Los Angeles Angels. While Suarez and Quijada remain with the team, Jose Marte finds himself on the outside looking in. Only time will tell what the future holds for these players and the Angels’ quest for bullpen improvement.

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