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Adam Long Shatters PGA Tour Record with 60 Consecutive Fairways Hit

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Adam Long Sets New Record on PGA Tour

Perfect Driving Accuracy Continues at Butterfield Bermuda Championship

Adam Long, a rising star on the PGA Tour, has made history by becoming the new record holder for consecutive fairways hit. Long’s remarkable achievement comes after his flawless performance in Cabo last week and his continued precision off the tee at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship.

Long’s record-breaking moment occurred on the second hole of Port Royal, where he hit his 60th consecutive fairway, surpassing Brian Claar’s previous record of 59 consecutive fairways hit on the PGA Tour.

This incredible streak by Long dates back to the penultimate hole of his final round at the Shriners Children’s Open. It includes an impressive 56-for-56 performance at the World Wide Technology Championship, marking the first 100% driving tournament since Claar’s achievement at the 1992 Memorial Tournament.

During Thursday’s round, Long continued his exceptional display by hitting all seven fairways on the front nine, extending his streak to 65 consecutive fairways hit. He further extended the record to 69 before finally missing a fairway at the par-4 15th.

Long’s consistent accuracy off the tee has captivated golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. His remarkable achievement showcases his exceptional skill and dedication to the sport.

As Long’s record-breaking journey continues, fans eagerly anticipate his future performances and the possibility of even more extraordinary accomplishments on the PGA Tour.

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