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3 Recently Non-Tendered Players the Cincinnati Reds Should Sign Immediately for their Bullpen Upgrade

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The Cincinnati Reds Non-Tender Deadline: Roster Changes and Potential Signings

The non-tender deadline has recently passed, and the Cincinnati Reds have made some significant roster changes. Nick Senzel, Reiver Sanmartin, and Derek Law are no longer part of the team, reducing the roster to 37 players.

However, the Reds are not the only team facing tough decisions. Several talented players from other teams have also become free agents, presenting an opportunity for the Reds to make some valuable additions.

Opportunity for Additions

With three vacancies on the 40-man roster, the Reds have ample room to strengthen their team. The question now is which three recently non-tendered players should the Reds prioritize and sign immediately?

The Cincinnati Reds bullpen played a crucial role last season, serving as both a major asset and a significant weakness at times. Inconsistency stemmed from the increased workload resulting from slow starts by the rotation.

While addressing the rotation is a priority for the Reds this offseason, reinforcing the relief corps is equally essential. The decision to non-tender Derek Law clearly indicates the team’s recognition of the need for bullpen upgrades.

Potential Addition: Jeff Brigham

One potential addition to the Reds’ bullpen is Jeff Brigham. Known for his fearlessness in throwing strikes, the right-hander has consistently posted a strikeout rate above 25% over the past two seasons, according to FanGraphs. Although Brigham’s performance in 2023 was not outstanding, he showcased his abilities in 2022.

However, Brigham struggled with home runs last season, allowing nine balls to leave the yard in just 37.2 innings of work. While the 2.15 home runs per nine innings pitched is a concerning statistic, it appears to be an outlier in his overall performance.

The Cincinnati Reds recognize the urgent need to bolster their bullpen this offseason, and Jeff Brigham could be an excellent starting point. With several years of team control, Brigham could serve as a valuable middle reliever for the Reds.

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