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2023-24 Division I Men’s College Basketball Season: Preseason Bracket & Top Seeds Revealed

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2023-24 Division I Men’s College Basketball Season Set to Begin

Preseason Bracket Reveals Top ‌Contenders

The ⁢end of Daylight Savings Time marks ‌the start of an exciting‍ season for college basketball fans. The 2023-24 Division I​ men’s college basketball ‌season is‍ set to kick off on Monday, and anticipation is high as teams prepare to compete for⁤ the⁣ national championship.

Top Seeds and Teams ​to Watch

Let’s take a closer⁢ look ⁤at the top overall national seeds and the teams on the No. 1 line in‌ this ​preseason bracket:

No. 1 Seed⁤ Overall -⁣ Kansas‌ (South)

The Kansas⁤ Jayhawks ⁣are ‌loaded with talent and ⁣have their sights set on⁢ their fifth ‍national championship. Coach Bill Self has made‍ some ‌impressive additions⁤ to‌ the team, including big ⁤man Hunter Dickinson from Michigan and sharpshooter Nick‌ Timberlake from Towson. With a⁤ strong ⁣returning core and the addition of five-star⁤ freshman guard Elmarko Jackson, the Jayhawks ​are⁤ poised for success.

No.⁣ 2 Overall – ‍Duke (East)

Duke is a popular pick to win it all in ​Jon ⁣Scheyer’s second year⁣ as ⁤head coach. The Blue Devils boast a talented roster, led by ⁢Preseason‌ First Team All-American Kyle ⁢Filipkowski. With ⁤a ‍strong recruiting class and ⁢key returnees like senior guard Jeremy Roach,‌ Duke ⁣is ⁤expected to be a formidable contender.

No. 3 Overall – Purdue (Midwest)

Purdue is determined to make ‌a deep tournament run‍ and secure their first NCAA Tournament championship. The Boilermakers have ⁣a ​strong lineup, ⁤including consensus Player of the Year⁣ Zach Edey. Freshmen Myles Colvin⁢ and Cam Heide, along with ⁢defensive specialist Lance Jones, add athleticism to the team. After recent ​disappointments in⁢ the tournament, Purdue is ⁣motivated to prove themselves in March.

No. 4 Overall⁢ – Michigan State (West)

Michigan State rounds‌ out the projected top four‍ teams. The return of guards Jaden Akins and‌ A.J. Hoggard has ⁤boosted the Spartans’⁤ national championship hopes. Coach⁤ Tom Izzo⁢ has a talented roster, including top-10 recruit Xavier Booker. With a ‌mix of⁣ experience‌ and young talent, ​Michigan ⁢State is poised for success.

Conference Notes

  • The ​Big Ten conference has eight teams represented in this ⁢bracket, with ⁤Michigan State and Purdue leading ⁣the way. The conference⁢ is eager to end its long drought without an NCAA Tournament champion since the ⁢Spartans’ victory⁤ in 2000.
  • The SEC boasts nine teams ‍in the bracket, with Tennessee as the 2-seed. Arkansas‍ and‍ Texas A&M are also among the top four seeds.
  • The Big East has ​seven teams in the field, including three among the top 10 overall.
  • The Big 12, which recently expanded‌ with the addition ‍of⁤ Houston, UCF,‌ Cincinnati, and BYU, ‌also has seven ‍teams in the bracket. ⁣This marks ⁢a record for the highest percentage ‍of teams from ‌one conference.

FAU’s Quest for Success in a New Conference

One intriguing storyline to watch⁢ this season ​is the ⁢performance of FAU. After an impressive run to‌ the⁢ Final Four as an 8-seed last season, FAU has moved to the American Athletic Conference from Conference USA. The team⁢ faces‌ tough ‍competition, including home-and-home matchups with Memphis. FAU’s ⁢success ‌in ⁢the new conference will​ be crucial in securing a favorable NCAA Tournament seed.

No Home Advantage⁤ in NCAA Tournament

In the NCAA Tournament,⁣ teams are⁤ not allowed ⁣to play on their home courts or in venues they host. This ​season, Creighton will not have the advantage of playing⁣ in ​Omaha, their home floor, ⁢as they are hosting. However, Gonzaga, located in Spokane, Washington, will have the opportunity ‍to play⁢ in the Spokane sub-regional since it is not their home floor and ‌they ⁣are not hosting.

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